Saiful Karim is Professional Digital Marketing & SEO Expert in Bangladesh with 5 years working experience also Google Analytics & Adwords certified.

like the other additional business strategies, you need the help of a professional SEO expert in BD too compete in online marketing well. From promoting to rank up a website page, gets lots of visitors, an SEO expert will done every job to rank your site successfully.

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I am Saiful Karim, a professional SEO expert in BD and working in these sectors for the past many years. I have worked with many local and international clients in different types of projects. Most of them satisfied with my work and asked for my service later when they need an SEO expert for new projects. I offer the best, secure and professional solution for websites big and small from all categories.

Why Would You Need an SEO Expert?

If you own a site of service, the new portal, trading and all, the primary target will always gather maximum visitors who can turn into permanents customers or readers later. It only happened when a site appears on the first page of a search engine when people search for a particular keyword. But how would you know, what is that keyword or link that related to your website most or when it will work better? Well, an SEO expert in BD knows these facts only and how to utilize these factors.

After finishing all the visual and internal work of a website by the web designer and programmer an SEO expert in BD start his work to serves its primary purpose. And that is, attract more and more visitors over time. If 30% of your total visitors turn in to your real customers every day and some of them become the permanent customers, then calculate how much actual customers will come and ask for your service every month and year.

Digital Marketing, Magento, SEO Expert in BD

With being an SEO expert, I am a Google AdWords Certified Partner, Google Analytics and a Webmaster Mobile Site Certified too. I am working in these filed for many years as a Digital Marketing Expert in BD. Every website over the internet needs SEO works. Those who want to know why SEO is highly essential for online marketing here are some critical facts to enlighten them.


Internet marketing is highly competitive. There are millions of websites available just for a single topic. A general site won’t survive if it does not have proper SEO strategy. Only a certified internet marketing consultant can help you on that. He will make an appropriate approach to survive in this compaction and attract visitors toward your site frequently. In simple word, it’s the SEO that can decide either you win or lose your battle in the competition. And I will help you to win this battle with more professional but fun ways.

  • It’s your time, money, and energy that you are investing in working out the website. So we have all right to know why you should consult with an SEO expert to ranking up it higher. Here are some causes.
  • As an SEO expert, I will work with all the elements of that could work to catch the attention of audience via the Search engine.
  • I will work to put on the best functional elements that Google like to have a quality website. SEO will work on a quality scale to make a site best fitted for Google. If you want to boost up your visitors organically, you have to maintain quality. And you will never know unless you consult with an SEO expert.
  • Many websites or SEO individuals could offer or promises to rank up any site overnight. They are nothing but a commercial gimmick. There was a time it may work temporally, but for now, it’s a destructive mission. If you use such things for your site, it will get a penalty for a long time or may vanish forever.
  • SEO work for all kind of websites. You will not survive in same top position always just because you are already in the top rank. Google’s algorithm are always changing so the competition strategy of others changes as well. Thus, maintaining the visitors that you have and increase the numbers you should take advice from an SEO expert. I also offer consulting services to supporting proper SEO or determine a future strategy for any website.

Google Adwords (GDN Ads)

As an SEO expert in BD, I research and work for the good SEO that could have recognized by all popular search engines, especially Google. If your online business/website need an advertising associate, then you are just in the right place. I am a Google Adwords Certified in BD and have done lots of works for many blog page, websites, service, and product campaign. I offer Total packages on Google Adwords (GDN Ads) including

  • Keyword trend
  • Analysis
  • Managing negative keywords
  • Existing ads analysis

Also, I will look after to organize and maintain the PPC accounts better, and generate creative advertising messages to make sure of successful work.

Social Media Marketing

I also, work to make creative contents that sufficient to grow and engage new customers on the Social Media Platform. Currently, Social Media Marketing is a great way to get new customers. A successful Social Media marketing will enhance your business status. So, to working out with the platform, I work to give you-

  • Create and publish content.
  • Measure & benchmark, Analyze & visualize.
  • Optimize your performance.
  • And raise communities, etc.
  • GNR (Green and Red) ads.

I do offer service on GNR (Green and Red). It is a great platform to promote any business through ads. in present time GNR ads are working for the top websites and apps in Bangladesh. I already served over 500 million of ads every month related to Bangladeshi sites. SO, if you want to promote your business in Bangladesh specially, GNR will be an excellent opportunity to have.


So, in conclusion, if you are going to launch your new website or already have one that I would like to work with you to rank your site at the top. I would work for you as a digital promoter, consultant, and SEO expert in BD. To contact with me or know more details, please visit my official website- Saiful Karim, Digital Marketing, Magento, Laravel expert in BD.