Hi! Thisis Saiful Karim, and I am a professional Google AdWords certified in BD. I have more than 5+ years of experience in PPC campaign management with different kind of projects.

I have worked with large brands from both local and international organization successfully. I am experienced to work on Tier 1 search engines such as Google, Yahoo, BingAds and Tire 2 Search engines like AOL, Ask, etc. Moreover, my work of field includes many ad networks such as Advertising.com, Adknowledge, 7Search, Clicksor and Facebook Ads.com.

I am passionate about my work and complete every project providing sufficient time and dedication. If you want to start with new, fresh and energetic ideas than I am ready to assist you anytime.

Why you need Google AdWords certified individual/agency?

Google Adwords which also known as Pay-per-click is a powerful equipment for any online business to be visible in front of a lot of people. It will get an opportunity to get more people’s eyes to what you have to show them. Service, Product, Special offers or anything possible for advertising; can be included for Google Adwords. If it used correctly PPC able to provide you a good bunch of traffic following to your site. But for that you need a professional Google Adword certified in BD or an agency to set up an all-rounder campaign. He will suggest you what possible ways should contain in the project from the beginning to end and also take care of the cost that you can afford.

  • As a Google AdWords certified in BD, I offer you to my ongoing support to develop a complete camping strategy for your new product, service, etc. Also, I look after the existing Adwords camping (ongoing), review them time to time to identify the weak or potential areas of growth to prepare further plans.

  • I offer a dedicated consultant review on brand new campaigns to help to create the best outline to make it successful. This report includes the most recent trend sectors, insights and vertical data Google and much more.

  • As a certified Google AdWords, I can use Google’s all-new beta features and other advanced application which other advertising programs of campaign can’t afford or right to access. So, your project will be prepared in all possible ways to be a hit.

  • A professional Adwords certified can execute a plan in right manner and optimize your online marketing in every way. But if you have new plan or idea for your new project or anything you want to see on the project mainly; I can put on that too with my entire work plan.

  • I have earned the certification of Google Adwords after submitting my work reviews and some particular test taken by Google. My goal is to continue to add specializations into more advertising products like video, mobile, shopping, display, etc. so my clients get more benefits in digital marketing.

How Does This Benefit Your Company?

All the Adwords is only developed to give advantage those business or commercial services that want to reach local and international customers who are seeking for this particular service, product, or brand. And hiring a professional who has knowledge and recognition of AdWords that meet Google’s PPC management standard will be more helpful for your company. I always tried to provide services in the budget of my clients as much as possible. Also, I work directly with the Google with access to updates and training to make sure to be on top of this competition.digital marketing service bd

With the Adwords, I also work as Google analytic. Google Analyzing is a way to track down how people use a site. Also, we will be known what people are typing for searching a particular product related to your business topic, which ads they like to click or which page else which type of page they are often visiting and how long they are staying on the page/ site, etc. These are important factors to maximize a brand’s persuade at every level.

I will help you to find some efficient way to boost up the traffic by pushing them toward a purchase or any specific or more website actions. And with a combination of both, I mean the Google AdWords certification and Google Analytics, I able to plan, accomplish, and optimize your Online Marketing more perfectly to reach the target.

A Professional Google Adwords Certified in BD

Currently, Google is the most significant search engines around the world, where millions of people access and visit the enormous site every second. That is why online marketing adopts strategies to visible in front of Google’s eye. So, it’s an essential matter for your website get most out of Google or other search engines can offers.

In here, you will get the best Adwords work in most efficient ways but in minimum price rate.

My Credentials of specific fields of Google Adwords like Google Adwords(Search & Display) Certification

  • Google Analytics Certification

  • Google Shopping Certification

  • Bing Ads Certification

Support to work with a project in all possible way. And you will get the best result on PPC campaign. That means your business get more ROI within a short time. I provide news and support of upcoming changes and features as well.

At the end

When people search for your service or product, does your website appear in their first result, If it does do they click on it? The answer would yes, no or maybe. If your answer is one of those last two options, then you need a well-crafted campaign of Google AdWords. It could make a massive difference to your marketing business within a short time. And for that you need a Google Adwords certified in BD. If you want to work with me or want to know about further details, please visit my official webpage, Saiful Karim a Google Adwords Certified in BD. I would love to hear from you anytime.