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If e-commerce success has any face, it would look just like Magento! Why did I say this type of analogical statement? Yes, there is a valuable reason behind it. 

It’s not that I’m trying to establish my own ideas rather than actualities. To be honest with you, Magento features has already got hype in the e-commerce arena for excellent features, user-friendly navigation and compelling structure to buyers.

So, this is how Magento entice the big companies in Bangladesh as it can support to sustain their online visibility. In this Blog, I’ll discuss the benefits of Magento and how my Digital Marketing knowledge will be a plus for your business.


Magento Developer in Bangladesh

I am a Professional Digital Marketer & web developer (Magento & Laravel). Since the field of web developing and digital marketing are growing day by day, you need 24/7 vigilant supervision to manage each of these sectors. Especially, Social Media Management is currently the most efficient in low budget (in average cases) and a top tier choice to promote any business. It’s not a singular duty for any web developer/Magento/SEO expert to only complete a task for a specific site. Rather, it requires more than completing a job like taking care and monitoring the whole task when needed.

Why Develop E-commerce with Magento

Let’s Improve Your Magento Store Within Friendly Budget & Make It As Like Human Robot.


Whenever you start a business with the help of Magento, you will have some content and many more features available. However, a pro developer can customize it and trash all the default setup finally developed according to your demand. I also develop extension. like – bkash online payment getway magento 2 extension.

So, you can see Magento is customizable! Now, what’s more?

Powerful CMS

Magento can take tons of product and then says “is there any more?” See how powerful it is to accommodate your products? By the way, the limitation basically depends on the size of your server. Therefore, Magento never bothers to accommodate your thousands of products, if your server has a huge capacity.

So, you’re convinced how powerful it is!

Marketplace eCommerce

Most of the e-commerce CMS has add-on functionality, whereas Magento is specially built for an e-commerce platform for more sales generation. In order to, sales conversion, it’s standout from many CMS choices.

Magento allows you to target your customers based on their cart, relevant contents, buying history. In addition, you can also tailor onsite promotions and custom coupons. It shows that your customers can only see ad content, which is related to products they’ve purchased, added to cart and clicked.

SEO Friendly Website

Magento has been created and designed with keeping in mind SEO, so optimize your product pages and the product descriptions is simple. Furthermore, it generates SEO-friendly URLs, Meta tag so, you need not to worry about creating it at all.

Another SEO plus is that your site will be totally mobile friendly as well as compatible with all browsers. Besides, your customers can able to buy your products anywhere in the world. Also, it doesn’t matter which devices they are using. All of these are positive to Google thus, it can help to rank better on the search engine.

Digital Marketing Setup

First come first served so let’s talk about it. The web development itself is a part of digital marketing, however, it is not enough for you. 

Hence, I’m a certified from Google Adword and I’ve done tons of works for many websites yet.

I’ll ease your stress as I can support you like an all-rounder regards to keyword trend analysis, analysis existing ads, managing negative keywords, tracking and reporting the performance of your site and many more.

2nd Fact of Digital Marketing Setup

Secondly, Facebook Marketing. Bangladesh is facebook oriented marketplace mostly for e-commerce business and everybody knows about it. I can help you out to target your specific customers in particular with a specific age, gender, locations, and interests. I can manage to go straight to the right customer and boost your advertisement on FB and generate more valuable sales. After that, the people who come to your site will be preserved and generate more sales in the future as well.

Another part is YouTube Video Marketing which helps you to get more views, shares, and comments towards your site. Visual content is effective for e-commerce growth and you can’t avoid it. Here, you can get my help for branding your business, optimizing your channels and creating more fun finally generate the leads and sales.

Why You Hire Me As Magento Developer

When someone thinks about any e-commerce site he must choose a platform for his payment, shipment finally the language options to support his customers. Hence, the right developer with all possible functionality can help you out.

As you can see Magento is an open source platform for all so, there comes a lot of operations, and only a professional developer can deal with it according to your business concepts. Besides, the developer must know how digital marketing works.

Knowing the part of Digital Marketing, along with site development is a plus indeed.

Suppose you have got the full-fledged e-commerce site, now what?

Building up an e-commerce site is not yet to finish, even a lot of home-work required over there, hence I can help you up to meet your demands.

In that circumstance, my expertise in multiple areas will help you versatility, in setting up a lush and lucrative site, Digital Marketing assistance & SEO geek.

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