With the continuously rising number of online shoppers across the globe, all businesses should look forward to having their own online store to sell their products and services. There are several outstanding e-commerce web development solutions platform, like – Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more, they can ease the task of building a user-friendly e-commerce website.

Magento is an e-commerce platform, created as an open-source technology. It offers a variety of different features such as shopping cart systems, controlling content and functionality, catalogue management along with many others. With the reputation of internet and the capability to get to customers over the world, Ecommerce sites have become popular. If you can transport products to different parts of the earth and if you have services useful for people across the earth, you will gain from an online store.

Magento is a complete solution for building an e-commerce website that reflects your brand and products. A Magento e-commerce development company is capable of creating a great online store using an array of features such as Magento debugger, EcomDev PHP unit, easy temple path hints, multistore search fields, and more.

More importantly, almost 60% of online buyers use mobile phones to place their orders via mobile. Therefore, you, as an online store owner cannot deny the power of Magento for ecommerce websites. These are only a few of the glaring statistics about the usage of Magento for ecommerce stores to make you drool about the power of Magento ecosystem.

Brands like Samsung, Nike, Ford, Foxconnect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle, and million others – from medium to small commercial enterprises – use Magento ecommerce CMS.

Let’s check out the reasons why Magento is the best choice for Ecommerce Website Development –

  1. Affordable website development

Affordability is an important factor to consider while choosing an e-commerce development platform. If you are looking for a quick and economical e-commerce solution, Magento could be a great option. Magento website development is affordable as cloud hosting lowers the cost of maintenance, monitoring and hosting an e-commerce solution. The cost is very much dependent on the number of features you want, your location, and the Magento version you have chosen. The average cost for a Magento website starts at $2000.

  1. Multiple website management

Using a multi-store option on an e-commerce website is a great idea. If you wish to apply a comprehensive multi-store strategy on your online store, Magento could be the best choice. Magento is preferred by many online businesses for a multi-store strategy that allows you to create and manage online shops from one dashboard. It is a quick way to add products to multiple stores, this functionality is time-saving, and makes website development solutions much easier.

  1. Magento community

Magento has a huge community of dedicated developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers, etc. If developers are facing any issue, they can reach out to the community members. More than 360,000 forum members are associated with the community, they are well equipped in providing proper guidelines and fixes for a particular issue. Magento community regularly updates users about trends and the latest tech.

4. Open-source platform

Magento is free and open source, unlike one of the top competitors Shopify, where you have to pay. magento developer bdThe platform allows online retailers to customize websites aligned with their business preferences. If you hire a Magento development agency, Magento experts can develop and promote your Magento online store with the help of Magento modules. By installing or developing Magento modules on the online store, the developer can add new features for an impressive look and feel.

5. Excellent performance

Magento is a clear winner when comes to reducing page load time, query processing and other static operations, it ensures high performance of your e-commerce website. Magento is also preferred for its thousands of extensions that can be used for customization purposes. You can easily make your e-commerce website stand out by adding new customizations.

6. Payment options

The incorporation of popular payment methods on e-commerce websites is a must considering the ease of part of customers. Magento supports almost all popular payment methods such as PayPal, Authorize.net, Google checkout, Amazon payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery and other methods. If possible, always provide users a variety of payment options on your online store so that your customers can make online payments without any hassle.

7. SEO-friendly platform

Magento is an SEO friendly platform that gives you an advantage over other e-commerce solutions. It is simpler for businesses to build and grow a customer base they make it easier for customers to search them. The platform is packed with features such as SEO friendly URL structure, sitemaps, positioning layer, URL requires, descriptions, etc. Integration of SEO plugins and extensions can help your website rank higher, so go for these features for making your website more friendly and easily crawlable by Google bots, for better search engine result page positioning.

8. Mobile experience

Around 60% of online buyers use mobile devices to place orders. Therefore, you need to develop an online store that is compatible with smartphones. Fortunately, Magento supports HTML5 to enhance the shopping experience on mobile devices and also help adjust the image size and supports video. In simple words, Magento can be the best choice for developing an exceptional mobile shopping performance.

9. Third-party integration

With Magento’s development platform, it is easier to integrate a large number of third-party services on your e-commerce website. This involves including payment gateways, database applications, transportation, shipping, order tracking, etc. Additionally, the platform offers built-in google tools such as google analytics, Google checkout, and Google base, which help you keep a tab on your website’s performance.

10. Flexible pricing

These days, fixed costs simply don’t cut it anymore. Be stubborn and clients will go elsewhere Magentos flexible costs rules enable stores to make and implement a variety of marketing promotion. Like coupons, discounts, and special sales. Packages and discounts off large-quantity purchases. Purchase this and get that for free. We all know how much of customers love this phrase. And the word ‘coupons.

12. Expanded Average Order Value

Magento also comes equipped with capable tools that help maximize order value. That way, online stores are capable the many of key customer touch points. Up-selling in the shopping cart or cross-selling on product page are only some of the things that develop on both the quantity and quality of a store’s customer relationships.

13. Social shopping

The Internet is going social, as is ecommerce. With Magento’s flexible merchandising engine, stores can enable customers to make their shopping experience a more social one. The stage’s product browsing options include customer rating, customer group-specific pricing wish lists, newsletters, and, of course, the effective ‘word-of-Web’ Send to a Friend with Email.

14. Free shipping

This is one reason why ecommerce has exploded is that the Web has enabled customers to shop at the comforts of their PC desks at home. No run around city to look for a product. Magento endorses this world of expediency and economy by letting stores choose for themselves the ever-delectable Free Shipping option.

15. Mobile commerce

eCommerce isn’t about customers shopping from the comforts of home. There are shoppers on the go who browse and purchase with their smartphones and iPhones. 72 Features Must Have in Every E-commerce WebsiteMagento empowers the so-called E-Commerce by offering mobile-optimized versions of online shops. It permits dealer, retailers and manufacturers to automatically find browser information and give mobile customers either the full site catalog or a tailored selection of products, with Magento, Ecommerce business will be a completely mobile, multi-channel experience.

16. International support

We live in a flat world, in the words of Thomas Friedman. Your potential customers are not only in your neighborhood or city but over the globe. Information revolution ushered us into it. As a completely worldwide platform, Magento allows expansion of businesses by providing multiple, multilingual, & multi-currency versions of sites to meet the requirements of customers from all over the world.


Whether you have an existing online store or plan to start one in the future, you always choose a platform that fits your budget and preferences. Magento can be your top choice as Magento website development is cheaper compared to other platforms such as Shopify and offers many incredible features at a lower development cost.

Moreover, Magento has so much more to offer, but besides all these reasons, there is one reason that makes Magento different from other platforms, and that is:

Magento is Awesome!!!

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