Hi, I’m Saiful Karim, I am a professional web developer and designer and my expertise skills are also in Digital Marketing, Magento, Laravel. Since the field of web development and digital marketing growing day by day and you need 24/7 ownership to manage each of these sectors. Especially Social Media Management is currently most efficient, low budgets (in average cases) and top fashion place to promote any business. So, it’s not a singular duty for any web developer/SEO expert/ Magento to only complete a task for a specific site, sometimes it requires more than completing a job but taking care and monitoring the whole task when it needs.

I work passionately as a digital marketer and web developer and have experience to work with lots of different sectors of digital marketing, social marketing, e-commerce sites and many other sectors from last 6 years. I have already worked with many local and international clients and in their small to large projects.

Expertise Area that can help your Business Growth

I’m a Google AdWords Certified Partner and also Google Analytics and Webmaster Mobile Site Certified. My working areas as a Digital Marketing Expert in BD are-

SEO (On page and off page)

To pass on any search engine and appear on the first page, I will help your website by using the smartest SEO (on the page and off the page) to get the best results for ranking. A higher ranks page gets more exposure, so you will get more links, visits and more social media mentions.
As an SEO Marketing Expert in BD, I work and research for genuine SEO, that could have recognized by all popular search engine, especially Google. I will help you to rank your page, site etc. and get the highest visitors every month with best possible rate.

E-mail Marketing

I also work for email campaigns where you need to create, send and measure the impact of email marketing campaigns.E-mail marketing on one of the oldest but effective digital marketing policies to reach your business goals. Infect it’s a simple way to drive new customers, engage old customers very easily. Well organized and monitored email marketing is a proven game changer for any website, business etc. so, I’ll help you to establish powerful, straightforward, frustration-free but workable email-market that will bring more traffic toward your site.

Google Adwords (GDN Ads)

If your business/ website needs an advertising associate, then you have come to the right place. I am working a Google Adwords Certified in BD and have done lots of works for many websites, blog pages, and products. I work for a total package- like keyword trend analysis, managing negative keywords, analysis existing ads, tracking and reporting on performances for a fixed time, and much more.
I do all the Google Adwords (GDN Ads) works with extreme attention with details to ensure efficient PPC management. My high level of day-to organized work keeps your PPC accounts running smoothly. In here you will get good writing skills and the ability to generate creative advertising messages that will help you to achieve your goal.

Web Development

I work as a Web Developer in BD and try to provide solid information architecture design and integrative branding to engage more and more visitors with my every web development services. I am specialized in Frontend Development (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery) from 2011, Backend Development- PHP Laravel Developer in BD from 2015, Magento Developer in Bangladesh from 2016, WordPress from 2013.
I have work with more than hundreds of websites related to business, associates, government and other sectors. Form customization to build new websites or any kind of suggestions will get all in my site -Saiful Karim the Digital Marketing, Magento 2, Laravel expert in BD.

Facebook Advertise

More than two billion of people use Facebook every day. So, advertising in Facebook is a great opportunity to promoting your business, brand, page, site etc. You will get all the services related to Facebook advertisers to create a new page to work for old page and many more. Basically I work for the business who targeting customers by their location, age, and interest to boost their sales. Also, if your Facebook page is the only service related than I use Facebook advertisements for more visible in the search result and random ads.

Social Media Marketing

I will help you to make more effective a creative content to engage and grow your customers in Social media platform through Social Media marketing. In current times, social media’s impact is now measured your business status and your ambition. So, to follow this trend you need a web designer in BD plus digital marketer too. I work for-

  • Optimize your performance
  • Measure & benchmark, Analyze & visualize
  • Create and publish content
  • Raise communities, etc.

YouTube Video Marketing

Just like the Google, YouTube also helps you to get more audience towards your site. It allows marketers to present contents in different but interesting ways that are easy for views to see, consume and share. So, making the YouTube marketing in an intimidating tool for your business, brands, etc. I create, YouTube channels, optimize videos for marketing according to SEO rules. Also, if you need suggestions for YouTube advertising camping and internet video analytics I am capable to do that too.

GNR (Green and Red) ads

If you want to promote your business by advertising on GNR (Green and Red) ads, then you will get the service from here. Currently, GNR (Green and Red) ads working to top websites and apps on Bangladesh or related to Bangladesh and serves 500 million of ads per month. So, business base on Bangladeshi audience or related to Bangladesh has a great opportunity with GNR.

If you are looking for an advanced level of Digital Marketing Expert in BD in order to SEO work, digital campaign, promotion or a consultant- join my page Saiful Karim Digital Marketing, Magento, Laravel expert in BD. I will give my best effort to reach your goal through the works and give the best results to develop your site.